What is the Wheel of Life for Business?

The Wheel of Life for Business is a simple but powerful tool that helps you visualize all the important areas of your business at once. It is often used by business coaches to give their clients a “bird’s eye” view of their business structure. By looking at a visual representation of all the areas of your business at once, the wheel helps you to better understand which of your business areas are running strong and which ones need the most attention.

How do I use the Wheel of Life for Business?

The online assessment tool is simple to use. Just click the button to start your wheel and the interactive system will guide you through the process of rating each area of your business, one at a time. 

How long does it take to fill out my wheel?

The assessment can usually be filled out in less than a minute.

How much does it cost?

Our wheel of life for business is 100% free. No strings attached, and no catch!