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Using energy centers to attract wealth

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Can you “activate” energy centers to attract wealth? (Shippu P.)


Energy centers don’t actually attract wealth. That’s not how they work. In fact, they operate opposite to that of how wealth works.

The function of energy centers, or chakras as they are called in the East, is to promote movement. Each energy center arose to move energy to flow through your body. Sometimes energy centers reduce the flow of energy and many techniques exist to help alleviate that “blockage” so that the energy can once again flow again.

Some examples of this an entrepreneur may experience may include the following:

  • Base chakra closes when cash runs short and fear sets in
  • Power or Emotional chakra may close depending on how they perceive layoffs
  • Throat chakra may close when speaking to the Board after an abysmal quarter performance
  • Third Eye chakra may close when many different priorities need their attention

Now let’s dive in to examine wealth.

Wealth is about accumulation. Energy centers will assist in flowing money to you and through you back into circulation. Wealth is an abstract concept. To maintain this concept requires focus and energy. The moment you shift your focus to holding the flow to accumulate the wealth, it starts working against you.

In the short term, it feels like you are accumulating wealth but in the long term you are reducing the full possibility of all the money that could flow through you. The shift to focusing on wealth also implies scarcity. This means you operating out of fear. It becomes a “must” to accumulate because there is a shortage of it. This spirals you further into fear.

Now does this mean you can’t save money. No, go ahead and save money. Pragmatically speaking, there will be times when you have lots of money and times when you won’t have as much. Money, like all energy ebbs and flows. At the same time, have some money that is working for you. This means putting it back into the system. Whether you invest it or donate it, put it in circulation so that energy fuels new growth.

This reminds you that there is always more than enough to go around and then some.

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