I work with startups in an advisory capacity. The focus here is on the business.

Areas of focus: Sales, Marketing, CS, Operations, Finance, Go-To-Market, and Fundraising.

Engagement: 2-Year Period

Compensation: Equity Vested over time period


I work with Founders in a coaching capacity. The focus here is on the founder's mindset.

Areas of focus: Cofounder relations, Fears & Challenges, Presentation Skills, Mindset

Engagement: Biweekly/Quarter

Compensation: Sliding scale reflecting ARR or funds raised


I work with Founders looking to raise capital and need help putting a deck together.

Areas of focus: Investor psychology, Slide deck review with hook, Presentation review

Engagement: Hourly Meetings

Compensation: Fixed hourly rate (as needed)


Most people try to tackle their problems from the outside in. When your outer game fails, it's time to work on your inner game. Mindhacking exercises help you uncover key insights that you can take action on right away and build a successful startup.

Henrique de Melo
Henrique de MeloConsultant

Oz guided me through a Mindhacking session where we explored the hidden causes of my lack of consistency in my business. Certainly helpful and highly recommended to anyone struggling with mindset.

Nicolai Rehn
Nicolai RehnCEO

Had a simply pivotal session with Oz that left me with an ear-to-ear grin afterwards. His guidance has been a real catalyst for unlocking opportunities and approaching situations with curiosity, confidence and earnesty. Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way and Oz can lead you straight to that realization with practical tools and hacks that are mindbending in their effectiveness.

With Mindhacking tools in hand, Founders can overcome the hurdles of the startup journey and optimize their performance along the way.

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